Capless Fountain Pens

  • Revolutionary pen that features a retractable fountain tip.
  • Incorporates 18k gold trimmings.
  • Refillable with black or blue ink.
  • Sold with black ink.

Pen  FC-1500RRR MED.
Black Barrel: 4902505210204
Blue Barrel: 4902505210211
Silver Barrel: 4902505210228
Dark Gray Barrel: 4902505210235
Pen  FC-1500RRRK-M-L
Kasuri Black Barrel: 6009500004451
Kasuri Blue Barrel: 6009500004468
Pen FC-1800RB-BMN-F
Matt Black EF Barrel: 6009500004567
Matt Black F Barrel: 6009500004550
Matt Black M Barrel: 6009500004536
Matt Black B Barrel: 6009500004574
Pen  FC-1700RB-BL
Matt Blue F Barrel: 4902505520280
Matt Blue M Barrel: 4902505520297